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Preston Bait Bucket
-20 %
Brand: Preston Model: P0220124
Preston Bait Bucket..
21.75лв. 27.19лв.
Ex Tax:21.75лв.
Preston Supera Drop Bucket Preston Supera Drop Bucket
-20 %
Brand: Preston Model: P0130082
32.90лв. 41.14лв.
Ex Tax:32.90лв.
Feeder Baits Bucket 13l Feeder Baits Bucket 13l
-20 %
Brand: Feeder Bait Model: FB-W13L
Feeder Baits Bucket 13l..
36.00лв. 45.00лв.
Ex Tax:36.00лв.
Korda Compac Spooling Bucket Korda Compac Spooling Bucket
-20 %
Brand: Korda Model: KLUG136
The Compac Spooling Bucket is designed to make respooling your reels as effortless as possible. The 9-litre bucket features a two-piece, removeable spindle to mount your spool onto. Once loaded, the spindle locates into two moulded clips inside the bucket, retaining the spool of line in the opt..
42.30лв. 52.90лв.
Ex Tax:42.30лв.
Fox Aquos Camo Bucket Insert 12L
Free shipping -20 %
Prestan Offbox 36 - Bucket And Bowl Set Prestan Offbox 36 - Bucket And Bowl Set
Free shipping -20 %
Fox Aquos Camo Bucket Insert 17L
Free shipping -20 %
Brand: Fox Model: CEV010
101.90лв. 127.38лв.
Ex Tax:101.90лв.
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